Dhyanam India tours organises Inbound & Outbound tours in and around India

Dhyanam India Tours is your trusted partner in your exploration and rediscovering India in its original form. Our main goal is to present India in the natural form which is culturally rich, has elongated history and eternal beauty. We will make sure that you carry memories for life as your extra baggage home.

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Indian subcontinent

Home of the oldest civilization in the world, the Indian Subcontinent hides treasures which can change your life. This land shows indescriptible beauty, ancient wisdom, spectacular heritage, touching culture and unique wildlife. There is not place on Earth like this corner of the planet.

Best experience

Travelling is not just about seeing a place. In Dhyanam India Tours we believe that it is about having the time of your life learning and experiencing the destination itself, enriching your soul with the knowledge acquired along the journey.

The extra mile

We make the impossible possible and go the extra mile to offer you the very best service in any of your trips with us. If we do not have what you need, we will make it happen as customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.

Value for money

We know by heart the Indian Subcontinent and, therefore, we have plenty of resources to give you the best options at the best rates. We offer you great deals where you can go on unique tours in India .

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    Wide Range of classic Tours give you a chance loose yourself in the wonders of majestic landscapes, magnificent historical sites, royal cities, captivating mountain retreats, diverse ethnicity, rich cultures & vibrant festivities of Incredible…

  • India is a land of faiths and beliefs. We explore places of worship of the world’s three major faiths – Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism. Now, the tours are not supposed to be a religious indoctrination experience. On the contrary we want you to have an opportunity to witness the ritualistic aspect of life here…

  • India is the land of many festivals and it won’t be fair that you come to India and not experience the celebration of some of the best festivals in the country. Our festival package is tailor made so that you get to enjoy celebrating the festivals like the locals…





    Nepal is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It’s natural beauty stays undefeated through time and ages. Though a small country, this place houses some of the most beautiful gems of nature. Be it snow capped mountains or religious places, Nepal has something for everyone. Not many have been able to…