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India is a land of faiths and beliefs. We explore places of worship of the world’s three major faiths – Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism. Now, the tours are not supposed to be a religious indoctrination experience. On the contrary we want you to have an opportunity to witness the ritualistic aspect of life here and experience the Spiritualism of the place without being religiously overbearing.

Points of interest

  • Awake Your Soul

    Yoga is a 5000 year old spiritual discipline which was originated in India. Nowadays yoga is one of the most popular holistic activities aimed to enhance physical, mental and spiritual well being. Moreover the benefits of yoga are numerous, starting for improving our lifestyle conditions and helping us in finding peace and balance with our inner self.


    India is known as the birthplace of meditation and yoga. Both are two sides of the same ancient practice and they are incomplete without each other. Together meditation and yoga make possible to find the harmony between body, mind and soul.


    The origin of Buddhism can be found 2500 years ago and now it counts with more than 350 million followers around the world. This makes it the fourth largest religion and one of the oldest religions in the world.


    India is a unique country where you can find a mix of different religions, all of them living in harmony with each other. These religions make India a diverse and rich country where you can learn messages of peace, love and friendship regarding the origin or faith of each individual. One of these religions is Sikhism, which focus on the importance of doing good actions instead of carrying just rituals. Sikhism is one of the youngest religions in the world and was originated in Punjab and Haryana, where there are their main followers.

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