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About Dhyanam

Founded In 2016, under the unit of Dhyanam India Multitrade Pvt. Ltd as a travel company of choice for travel to INDIA, NEPAL,BHUTAN,SRI LANKA, DUBAI & THAILAND
Dhyanam India Tours is well known for providing travel & tourism luxurious services. Also, we do offer cultural, spiritual, festival, Yoga & Ayurveda tours.
Our operations is supported by dedicated market specialists offering consultative, warm personalised service and deeply insightful cultural interpretation based on first-hand experience to deliver authentic local experiences. Our ability to obtain preferred rates and conditions, a qualified panel of guides to reveal destination’s authentic character and strong region wide infrastructure makes for a seamless travel experience. Sustainability is a priority in our practice and the company’s financial strength provide peace of mind.

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Why us?

Dhyanam India Tours are pioneers in specialised India tour packages. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with all our packages be it with the destinations or with the facilities.


Our main aim is to help you discover the real part of India and leave you with an unforgettable experience. Learn about the history,culture, festivities, traditions, and more the way Indians know it. Dhyanam India Tours promises an eye-opening and unique travel experience.


To ensure that people get to see places for their true beauty and not just the commercial aspect of it is our main vision. We want people to learn and discover places for what they truly are and that’s exactly what we aim to do with our company.


Our mission is to be one of the leading tours and travels company in India and your go to company for Indian tour packages and in a short time, worldwide destinations too.

The Team

Dhyanam India Tours has a strong network of resources throughout the Indian Subcontinent. Behind each handcrafted tour there is a dedicated and professional team willing to go the extra mile just to make your trip the most soul lifting experience of your life.


At Dhyanam India Tours, we believe in giving back to the society and doing good to the world. We support various causes and contribute in every way we can. Quite a substantial part of our earning goes to women empowerment movements and aiding in development of tribes in India. We also are implementing environment sustainability practises at our company.



When you book a trip with Dhyanam India Tours, you are not just booking a trip with a travel company, you are making a booking for an unforgettable experience.Dream destinations and impeccable service should be reason enough to book with us.

Choice of destination

Our trip destinations is a curated list of places that show the true essence of a place. All our destinations let you explore the country for the beauty it is. And whether you are looking for a spiritual escape or a dream vacation, we have a destination for everyone.

Best price guaranteed

If travelling was free, we would never be at one place. Since we can’t give you what your heart desires for free, we ensure you get the lowest price. We want our guests to enjoy their trip without having to worry about what they spend, hence the reasonable prices.

Safety assured

It is natural to be worried about your safety when you are about travelling in a new place. But when you are with Dhyanam India Tours, safety is guaranteed. We have taken stringent measures to ensure our guests feel safe and secure while on the trip.

Expert guides

A good guide is essential when you are exploring a new place since it will be the guide that will help you learn everything about the place. We have only the best guides at our company who are well read and knowledgeable about the places you visit.

Friendly service

From the time of the booking till you bid adieu to us, every part of the journey will be special. You will leave with the feeling of having travelled with a friend than a tour company. It’s the Indian hospitality in us that makes us treat our guests like our own.