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Wide Range of classic Tours give you a chance loose yourself in the wonders of majestic landscapes, magnificent historical sites, royal cities, captivating mountain retreats, diverse ethnicity, rich cultures & vibrant festivities of Incredible India.

Points of interest

  • South Indian Treats

    Can you feel the cool breeze on your face? Can you see the stunning nature surrounding you all around? Can you hear the peaceful chants from the temples? Then you are in South India, a paradise among travellers where you can discover a different country.


    Have you ever dreamt of discovering and exploring one of the most colorful countries in the entire world? If so this is your trip. Throughout this tour you will experience a million feelings and emotions in the most iconic cities of India, we will travel in time to learn about history and you will observe by yourself that the past melts with the present, where traditions come to life and where religion is present in every corner.


    Rajasthan is a fairy tale destination, full of incredible fortifications, marvelous palaces,beautiful landscapes and a very unique identity. Travelling around this dessertic part of India is an adventure itself. Along this journey you will discover a land full of contrasts and history, traditions and culture,an explosion of flavours, colors and smells, where the mundane meets the divine, where everything is possible and, at the same time, unexpected.

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